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MirrorBot Video – Moving Projections Controller Interface

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By , January 5, 2011 17:58

YouTube Preview Image

Part #02 of the MirrorBot Demo Video

** Video Installation Audio Visual Special Event n8 @Tacheles 17.12.2010

** Details of the Controller device:

  • Programs and Live Mode LCD screen interface

Part #01 of the Video, Installation in MIKZ, Berlin 03.2010: /2011/01/03/mirrorbot-video-moving-projections-in-action

Technical details:

Chaos Computer Congress Mirror – Videos of CCC Talks

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By , January 5, 2011 08:07

There was some disc space free on a server and so we collected CCC Congress videos of the last years:

You can watch the talks directly in the brower

or start a player-program like vlc or mplayer with the http:// url

or download the file with “save as..”

MirrorBot Video – Moving Projections in Action

By , January 3, 2011 02:03
YouTube Preview Image

Demo Video of the “moving projection” video installation at Suchtfaktor elekto party in MIKZ, Berlin 03.2010
Monthly, every 1. saturday, also in 2011!

The “MirrorBot” is a Arduino minicomputer system to control the position of videobeamer projections. Two servomotors move a mirror in X- and Y- axis, which reflects the beamer image. The servos are controlled by a micro-controller with an LCD. It can play various movement pattern programs automatically, adjusted to the music speed by setting BPM or ‘live’ with the joystick and button.

Headsquatter VJs use it to move visuals around the whole dance floor when playing in clubs. Moving projections become a live instrument! 😀

more info in older posts :

Music by many ThanX!!

Headsquatter Live Visuals .: Suppe+Mucke & Suchtfaktor 4.9.’10

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By , September 4, 2010 14:22

Today the VJ crew plays two live video performances with multiple projections

Suppe+Mucke Strassenfest

Moving projections at Drachenspielplatz Schreinerstrasse or in Samariterstrasse – 20h-22h



Suchtfaktor Party @MIKZ

Minimal electro 23:59h – late



Come, have a look!

How to build a Hackerspace

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By , August 25, 2010 19:05
F'Hain LinuxUserGroup @Nerdcafe in Vetomat

F'Hain LinuxUserGroup @Nerdcafe in Vetomat

We watched a lecture from CCC congress 24C3 at Samacafe yesterday to get ideas how to organize hackerspaces and linux user groups. It was presented on the congress in 2007 by Lars Weiler and Jens Ohlig.

“Design Patterns” are presented in the lecture: many typical hackerspace-orga problems are identified and a possible solution is presented.  Some design patterns also match for living together in communities, others are optimized for nerds and their special lifestyle.

Video of the lecture:                     Building a Hackerspace MP4

Here is the PDF of the slides:     Building a Hackerspace PDF

Info WIKI:                                WIKI

btw: there are 100s other interesting videos of the CCC lectures!

Notes by ZBog:

What could be better than the solution presented in the lecture::

Be culturally neutral
-> I can say clean and white walls, then we are anyway fine with a specified target

Plenum is suggested a weekly appointment not irregular and not more then 1 daily meeting
-> Ill suggest the weekly plenum must be maximum 3 hours long

4 years is a good time to consider if the hacker space is running or not
-> in our case will be an office, then 2 years are necessary to calculate the income, first year there are to many expenses to count really

Decision with Direct Democracy
-> again we are speaking about an Office, so I think that Decision making should be divided in 3 levels , on the beginning I planned 2 levels Plenum and team, but we all know there is no democracy in 2, you ll need the 3rd vote to break the war, any group counts as 1 vote

  • Plenum democracy
  • Working team, who is directly involved
  • Director / main developer / Art director and so on

How to resolve problems

  • do not attack people before the deadline, they are already stressed, just wait for  the release party or organize a meeting after release to discuss how the work went and what needs to be improved next time
  • if you are sharing a project, wait until the project is finished or you break the team mood
  • In plenum you should generally not speak about somebody, but about “what will happen if”, do not use names or the war will start

JUnEx Plattform mit Joomla Community Builder Enhanced deutschsprachig

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By , May 1, 2010 18:18

Wir haben soeben unser neuestes Webprojekt freigegeben .:

Die verwendeten Joomla CMS Komponenten werden wir hier in einer Artikel Serie beschreiben und die entsprechenden, modifizierten Quellen im Juni als Patches hier veröffentlichen.

Dieses Web Community System ist im Auftrag von in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Herrn Gurol entstanden und dient der Vernetzung und der Information rund um den

Mit dieser Plattform geben wir allen Beteiligten (Besuchern, Referenten, Ausstellern und Organisatoren) die Möglichkeit zur effizienten Vernetzung vor und nach der Veranstaltung.

Profile Zeigen Sie anderen Mitgliedern:
– was Sie anbieten
– was Sie suchen
– wofür Sie sich interessieren
Gruppen Die Vorteile der Gruppen im Überblick
– tauschen Sie sich mit Gleichgesinnten aus
– suchen Sie gezielt nach Gruppen, Artikeln oder Stichwörtern
– abonnieren Sie Forenbeiträge
Forum Das offene Forum bietet:
– aktuelle Infos zum JUnEx Kontakt- und Infotag
– ein allgemeines Infoboard rund um die Existenzgründung
– eine Rubrik zur Vorstellung für Existenzgründer/-innen und
junge Unternehmen
JUnEx Banner

JUnEx Banner

Da die vorhandene LONEX Internetseite auf Joomla CMS basiert, haben wir zuerst passende Community Komponenten  evaluiert und uns dann für die Verwendung der aktuellsten, deutschsprachigen “Community Builder Enhanced” Komponente mit dem “Kunena Forum” von entschieden.

Mehr dazu -sobald die Codes sortiert und kommentiert sind –

Demnächst in diesem Theater Blog…

Arduino Talk & Workshop Berlin – Proposal / Info

By , April 28, 2010 17:15

Who is interested to join the next Arduino talk & workshop in Berlin F’Hain?- please comment or mail

Workshop Info

Sensor forest on a breadboard

Sensor forest on a breadboard

Hardware Hacking -DiY- Faderboxes & Robots — Introduction to Hardware <-> Software Interaction

This introduction is intended for anyone interested in (easy) electronics hardware and (mostly easy) software coding. Artists / *Designers & Hackers of all kinds are invited to join the FREE sessions in Berlin Friedrichshain.

We will introduce the Arduino plattform and show some practical examples. Basics of electronics and some interesting components will be explained shortly, but there are no tricky mechanical works and no soldering and not so complicated electro-technically theories involved.

We will focus on software programming inside the Arduino editor to show how to read analog values from various sensors and output to LEDs and servo motors.

Big breadboard, many sensors + Arduino

Big breadboard, many sensors + Arduino

To get some interesting visual results, we will use Processing to display incoming values from sensors in various,graphical ways.

After the lesson, you should have an idea how to design & build your own simple robots (servo motors…) or sensoric controllers (MIDI / OSC faderboxes,..). We can focus on special topics (maybe MIDI Controllers) in a follow up workshop.

Synoptx Crew organizes all material, tools and a nice location.

BYO laptop and Arduino or contact us to join a collective order of electronic parts!

MirrorBot v3 – moving projections @ Suchtfaktor Party

By , March 13, 2010 18:41
Flash! People on the dancefloor - Mirror Station besides the DJ and the controller box in front

Flash! People on the dancefloor - Mirror Station besides the DJ and the controller box in front

Headsquatter VJ crew used the new version of the moving-projections-robot in MIKZ club in Berlin Friedrichshain @

Suchtfaktor Party 6.3.2010

Mirror Station in front of a beamer  and projection on the wall

Mirror Station directing the beamer projection on wall and roof

to create a visuals show with a moving projection.

The  2D (X+Y axis)  mirror-station was mounted in front of a 2500 ANSI lumen beamer – this was strong enough to produce very clear and big projections everywhere in the dancehall.

Two servo motors are driving one mirror in X- *and* Y- axis. The projection can be moved across the walls by a joystick or with automatic pattern programs, synced on beat of the music.

VJ desk: 2 video notebooks, 1 video-mixer, eeePC 701 preview screen, midi controller and mirrorbot controller

VJ desk: 2 video notebooks, 1 video-mixer, eeePC 701 preview screen, midi controller and mirrorbot controller

30° in vertical Y axis are enough to reach almost any point on the ceiling. Combined with more than 120° on the horizontal axis, it can project on any point on 3 of the walls.

Many guests on the dancefloor were surprised by the projections suddenly appearing and disappearing and when they discovered the mirror-station, they showed it to others. Some people came on stage to the VJ desk to ask how the moving projection works and some more came up to say that they liked the visuals show 🙂

It was fun to “play” the robot just like an instrument with the joysticks. When the positioning button is pressed on beat – matching to the rhythm – the projection is “dancing” across the room!

Arduino Workshop in Berlin

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By , February 8, 2010 01:50
breadboard with Arduino backpack

prototyping breadboard with Arduino backpack

On 28.1.2010 we had our first workshop to introduce the Arduino Microcontroller plattform in Berlin, FHain.

The session took place in Sama32 cafe and there were ~10 nerds, who were interested in micro-controllers and electronics. We presented some hardware and sketches and introduced the connection from arduino inputs to processing sketches.

Thanx to Todbot for the possibility to use his excellent slides!

Who is interested to join the next workshop?

Workshop Info

MirrorBot Moving Projections System

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By , June 8, 2008 05:23

Mirror Bots .: moving visuals projections – standalone & Linux GUI controller

This is a robotic system to move VJmix projections all over the walls.

Video: MirrotBot in Action Köpi, Berlin 11.2008YouTube Preview Image

Beamer projection reflection on mirror

Beamer projection reflection on mirror

Mirrors are mounted on servo motors to rotate them in front of dia projectors or beamers. This way, the projections are moved across the walls and the ceiling of the room.

A microcontroller system, connected to a netbook, is used to control the mirror-servo-unit movements.

“Hotspots” are defined to project on the best spots on the walls of the location and create an impressive light show of moving rays and projections on all walls and screens.

1.prototype live action with diaprojector & beamer

1.prototype live action with diaprojector & beamer

This system can be installed in rooms of any size.

It is required to use projection glass or there are double projections and very unsharpened results. The beamers must be powerful to show bright images also on the must distant walls. In big rooms, the projections are really big, so the 2 video mixes can work together as moving textures or moving characters.

The proof-of-concept system was first used by Headsquatter Live Visuals in Berlin @MIKZ – Suchtfaktor – 27.09.2008 with great success and continuously enhanced and tested live.


We use a common, programmable input/output hardware controller to trigger motors: Arduino Dicemilia.

1.prototype live action - only left dia visible

1.prototype live action -- only left dia is mirrored

Two Mirrors are mounted on  servos to move them in front of two video beamers. This first version can move 2 projections with 2 mirrors on one horizontal axis between 40° and 130° – ca.  It  creates distorted projections depending on the current angle, but works very well with various kinds of video mixes. High contrast images and vectorial animations work specially good. By positioning two projections besides each other there appear many interesting possibilities.

Combined with fog machines the rays become visible and the moving beams look like a laser show with real videos.

The servo-mirror movements are synchronized to the beat of the music and many programs can be selected, to move the projections in various patterns.

VJ Live Mix Box: Wiimote - VJ mixer - Arduino Servo Control - Mirror (+ eeePC :) ) - Linux Netbook

VJ Live Mix Box: Wiimote - VJ mixer - Arduino Servo Control - Mirror (+ eeePC 🙂 ) - Linux Netbook


This MirrorBot is controlled by a linux netbook over serial console via USB cable. The prototype is remote-controlled  by a simple software command line. Various keyboard key presses change program, speed, play/pause mode of the attached servo control box. This works quite good during live visuals mixes, with a mini terminal window in front of a TVtime preview screen of the video mixer.

Pictures by Rue23 in MIKZ 27.09.2008 – Suchtfaktor Party ::

more Pix @ Logo

Multi projections

Multi projections

Multi projections

Multi projections

Multi projections

Multi projections

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