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Nomads USB-Zine 2012

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By , October 20, 2013 19:07
Building Up the first Nomads USB-Zine

The Nomads USB-zine is a mixture of brochure, videos and info material that become a multimedia Fanzine on USB stick media.

With the USB-zines we can distribute our info material on demand,  decreasing the consume of media support as DVD or Paper to promote our ideas.

We organized a standard version with a selection of our production, or we refill the USB following specific request from the people, in a Live Peer to Peer sharing moment.

Author: Nomads Guinee Zbog


Working on universal standard to let the project run on every platform, Linux, Windows and Mac.

As Nomads we work with open source softwares on all platforms at the same time,  I generate all the files on Linux platform, also when exported in commercial file format like .pdf and .ppt

The first idea was to let self-open a menu file with listed all the content, but normally the Hacker community suggest to use not the autorun and dont encourage the market to use it, because anyway the autorun will be blocked from any good protected system.

So we plan a FAT32 partition, on the USB sticks,  the mostly compatible file system to work on different OS platform.

Afterlife (of the fanzine USB stick)

It’s an eco-friendly choise not only because on the USB fits different formats at the same time, after u read or copy our fanzine files out of it, you will reuse the same media for your daily life, and that’s a pretty smart way to reduce the production impact!

We really appreciate the USB live systems build up for security so we do encourage the usage of those Operative systems Debian based to let run a live system on USB stick:

Linux Light —– Security (Deutsch)

Freepto —— Cript or die (Italiano)

Tails —— Security (English)

Analyse zu Facebooks Datenbestand ÜBER DICH

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By , October 29, 2011 00:34

highly interesting website on facebooks data collection  (en/de)

Analyse zu Facebooks Datenbestand ÜBER DICH

Hintergrund. Jede Person in der EU hat das Recht eine Kopie von allen Daten, die ein Unternehmen über die Person speichert, zu bekommen. Wie das geht findest du unter “Daten verlangen!”. Nachdem wir die ersten Antworten auf unsere Auskunftsersuchen angesehen haben, war klar: Das muss veröffentlicht werden. Wir wollen mit dieser Aktion Facebook transparenter machen und Usern eine Vorstellung von den Daten geben, die Facebook von uns speichert.

0zapftis – CCC releases analysis of Bundestrojaner national spy software

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By , October 9, 2011 00:38

The Chaos Computer Club received a binary.exe of the “Bundestrojan” spyware. That software is used by German officials to to spy on people’s computers and it uses the same tricks as trojan viruses to run keyloggers, control users, data and skype. .

CCC  reverse engineered the windows software and found many critical bugs and very bad code. The trojan opens infected systems to everybody, because the encryption implementation is broken. CCC even invented a demo frontend! 😀

Now they publish all details and german news will release parts of the malware code tomorrow!!!1!! Read multipage FAZ article tomorrow print and online!!

Fefe informs and  links to the CCC press release:

Chaos Computer Club analysiert Staatstrojaner

FAZ article

Its expected, that the officials press the selfdestruction button very soon hahahaa

😀 *party* 😀

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