Anti Surveilance Searchengine

By , August 28, 2010 22:35
Scroogle Cookie Killer

Scroogle Cookie Killer

I use this google (TM) frontend since long time.

By using this site (as a ~proxy), google (TM) does not receive your cookie and cannot track your behavoir, as they normally do over long time periods. Scroogle stores the logs 48hours, but without IP. I just don’t find the info!

Use this this link for your homepage and you will find a comic strip with info about Google (TM) every time you scroogle!

One Response to “ Anti Surveilance Searchengine”

  1. Uli says:

    gut. Ich nutze für sowas (net lache) Progrämmchen von Computerbild (Abelsoft): und

    Viele Grüße aus Ulrich’s Labor!

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