Enable 512MB RAM on latest Raspberry Pi

By , October 19, 2012 20:20

At first I was very disappointed, because my new Raspis showed only 256MB RAM, although the shop promised to deliver the new model with 512MB RAM.

Mr. Watterott answered my email- support request within 5 minutes (!). He told me, that it’s a software issue and pointed me to this link, showing how to identify, if the SoC has 512MB of memory: www.raspberrypi.org/archives/2191

Luckily my boards have a chip with “4G” in the model number 🙂

Shortly after that, I found out, that a new firmware already exists:  www.raspberrypi.org/archives/2180

Update: Those of you lucky enough to receive a 512MB Pi this morning can download updated firmware here. For example, download arm384_start.elf and rename it to start.elf on /boot partition. You will then have a 384M/128M memory split.

Replacing the /boot/start.elf on the SD-card did the trick 😀

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